TBB Design has always had a very healthy relationship with all its clients. Our aim has always been to make sure we have happy customers. And not just from the point of view that they are happy with the work we do for them, but also, just to put a smile on their faces on a daily basis. We truly believe that people are better in business when they are happy.

Finding solutions for our client’s problems is key to what we do. Every piece of design work is as important as the next, from a business card to a glossy brochure, from a poster to an exhibition stand, from a 20 sec short motion graphics video to a 5 min promotional video for a website.

We work with our clients to achieve great results. We appreciate that they know more about their business than anyone else, so working alongside them and communicating effectively with them is the best way to achieve those results.

Established in 2005 by Tim Burdett, TBB Design was all about print work. Tim’s background is working for advertising agencies and design companies in London. Working on accounts such as The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Babcock Defence Services, Greater London Council to name a few, he gained a huge amount of experience working on a whole range of printed promotional literature.

As well as working on a vast amount of print work, Tim was a key member of the creative team that designed and ran numerous events. The highlight of his career, whilst working on the Daily and Sunday Telegraph account, was being an instrumental part in an event called SportsQuest. This event was held numerous times up and down the country, initially at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, all the way up to Murrayfield in Edinburgh. The event was compared by celebrity guest speakers such as John Inverdale and Alan Green. Everyone involved in these events, from those running it to those participating, thought that this was one of the best events ever devised.

With such a vast amount of experience in various areas, TBB Design can deliver a whole range of print and digital promotional material to a very high creative standard. Every relationship they create with customers is extremely important to them, each and every one of them is valued, no matter their size, business or the amount of work taken on for them. Putting smiles on our customers faces is what we are all about.

In the work section of this website we always try to show a client testimonial where possible. Our clients always to seem to have such lovely things to say about the work we do for them for various reasons, and we love to share that with our prospective customers to give them a feel for what we are about.

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