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Welcome to my website. I’m Tim Burdett and TBB Design is my creative business.

My creative roots go back to 1986 when I started working for a West End ad agency. Back then I actually found it fun travelling to and from London every day, however over 17 years the novelty of commuting did begin to wear pretty thin! Since setting up my own business and studio at home in Woking in 2005 I have not missed it one bit. In fact, as well as improving family life for me, my partner and our two young daughters, I know it’s paid dividends for my clients. I have more hours to dedicate to them and believe less stress helps me deliver more creative solutions, which is what my business is all about.

I grew up in a creative environment and creating innovative ideas, graphic design and artwork has always been my raison d’être. In my formative years I spent time working alongside my father in his studio. That gave me such a grounding. I feel so privileged to have worked in creative businesses for so long and the passion has never left me. Starting work every day has never been a struggle, it still invigorates me and remains a joy.

My portfolio demonstrates the range of my graphic design and artwork – from print, promotions and packaging to web design, advertising and corporate identity – for clients from many different sectors, including Education, Retail, Financial, Property and Pharmaceuticals. Always aiming to achieve a balance between innovation, impact, effective communication and the practical.

Exploiting the ever changing opportunities presented by new media and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved excites me. Take the humble PDF, we all send and receive them as email attachments, but once you forget humble and think Interactive PDF a whole new range of possibilities emerge for delivering complex, detailed and multi-faceted messages simply and effectively.

Have a look under ‘Interactive PDFs’ in the main menu, chances are you’ll find it a revelation and think this is something your business could use to its advantage. I can help you do that.

If you are looking for a creative solution to communicating with your customers, suppliers or staff, please pick up the phone or email me.

In the meantime keep safe and best wishes for you and your business going forward.